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Networking from “0” feet – ground zero

Another early edition …

Started the day with a message from my Coaching Business Coach, Chris Barrow – If you want bigger “gigs”, you need to create bigger strategic alliance partners – simple as that. Start with the biggest. So big you are scared.

Caught myself on the way to making a marketing mistake by almost attending an evening networking event.

I say this for several reasons;

* When I wrote my Marketing Plan from 35,000 feet I vowed that I was going to be attending events standing on the stage versus sitting in the audience
* You will either create a Brand or people will give you one.
* I have my first coaching call with my Public Speaking Marketing Coach, Jane Atkinson on Wednesday morning and I can bet that we are going to be talking about Branding from 35,000 feet
* I’m talking with my Web & Blog Coach, Kim Black on Wednesday morning about the web technology to Market Speaking from 35,000 feet

So as much as the Salesperson part of me wants to attend the networking event, the Advisor in me says no!

I can either spend my time attending big or small gigs and I’m choosing the big gigs.

Not to sound like I’m contradicting myself –

I am attending the Independent Financial Brokers B.C. Spring Summit on Thursday April 14, 2005. This is a one day event with numerous industry speakers.

My plan is to listen to the most interesting speakers to learn about the most challenging and current industry issues and publish an article or articles about what I have learned.

At the same time. I’ll also introduce myself to the President of the Association and make a request to speak at their September Conference on “Get Your Practice In Gear”.