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Nelson has long term vision and commitment & consistency!

The 12:45pm presentation for Financial Management (BC) Inc was absolutely outstanding and I can’t wait to see how the filming turned out. One can always tell how they did when members of the audience come up to you at the end with a big smile and exclaim how good it was and that it was “truly inspirational”.

As part of my presentation, Nelson Deslippe of Integral Financial Services Inc. gave a 10 minute presentation on why he begins the year planning for his vision and goal setting, along with a testimonial of our experience working together over the past 6 years to build his financial services practice.

Laura said that Nelson’s recognition of the work that we had done was bringing tears to her eyes. Nelson’s comments really touched me too.

I followed up Nelson’s kind words by saying that “I wish all of the people in the room could be so lucky to have that kind of a testimonial from one of their clients”.

Successful people do what the failures don’t. I gained a new level of respect for Nelson and the financial services industry when in the first year of Nelson and I working together, Nelson said “I can’t believe it, I’ve got prospects that I have been calling for ten years that are now calling me!”

Nelson has long term vision and commitment & consistency!