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Need Vs. Choice


I am back safely from Ontario after 6 flights in 4 days to the land of spring that is appearing by the day and to reasonable temperatures versus blistering cold. I don’t know how the easterners do it. I was there for just 3 days and my skin feels like an alligator.

I said to someone that if British Columbia and Ontario traded populations, I am not sure if the BC’ers would make it. At least there would be a few of them with their tongues stuck to frozen lampposts.

Need Vs. Choice

I believe that I have had a huge Ah-Ha!

While I have an inherent value and inspiration to create things and this includes the book, I am finding that the business needs more and more leadership and systems to support the growth of the business which has grown by four times in one year. Once the support systems are in place, I will then consider writing the book. We may be adding additional members to the team.

At the same time, I am finding that the behaviors and the state of mind to write a book which I have are not the same as coaching and speaking and I am tired of steam coming out of my head trying to adapt my behaviors to do the writing. We are just too busy to even consider stealing the time and the energy to write a book. I can handle the coaching, speaking and writing the Blog and E-Newsletter but not the book.

Leadership is about;

• Creating a vision for the team to follow
• Creating the team
• Setting an example for the team
• Letting go of the management to a senior support team

Management is about;

• Systems
• Systems
• Systems

Being a good leader is recognizing that you may have to re-invest in the business and take some time out to create some systems even it costs you some sales in short term. This will create long term and sustainable growth.

The need for systems overrides my choice to write a book.

– photo courtesy of; http://www.allposters.com