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National Enquirer Reports Simon Reilly Is Addicted


I thought that I better report this shameless behavior before you hear it from someone else. While I don’t smoke, drink or use drugs – I have one vice and that is to Starbucks Soy Chai Tea Lattes – 7 Pump, Extra Hot, No Water, No Foam. 🙂 I’m in the land of “Timmy’s – (Tim Horton’s) Double Double and I feel like a dog looking for hydrant with no Starbucks in site – it’s been days. My addiction was so strong that I got a cab early this AM from the hotel and had the driver drive me to Starbucks and wait while I bought him a coffee and 2 – Soy Chai Tea Lattes – Extra Hot, No Water, No Foam and drive me back to the hotel to see me through to 8pm EDT as I will be on the phone till that time with clients after my 8am EDT Speaking Presentation in London, ON.

6.50 – Cab fair
1.50 – Cap tip
14.01 – Coffee for the cab driver and 2 – Soy Chai Tea Lattes

Priceless – Taking extreme care of myself and having a healthy energizing drink for the day.

In preparation for the Speaking Presentation for Pro-Seminars in London, ON, I read the following affirmation a number of times and visualized, and heard and felt myself delivering an outstanding presentation.

While I visualize and hear and feel myself delivering an animated, composed, confident, energetic, fulfilling, helpful, inspired, relaxed, sensitive, upbeat and wonderful presentation I request that the members of the audience see, hear and feel the Removing Your Roadblocks To Success Presentation and as a result they are encouraged, enthused, excited, exhilarated, intrigued, moved and stimulated to make positive changes to both their business and personal lives.

The Pro-Seminars London, ON outcome was even better than the Pro-Seminars Toronto, ON Presentation that I did the previous day with half the number in the audience!