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My Worst Nightmare! There Is No PowerPoint!

I am writing this from the Hilton Garden Inn in Saskatoon @ 9:45am CST.

I just finished the presentation for Pro-Seminars in what would have been the worst nightmare for some people. I arrived at the room to do the presentation for 8am and the person that is in charge is no where to be seen, there is no registration person and worse yet, there is no laptop/projector for my PowerPoint presentation.

The show must go on! So I started speaking at 8am.

Do you know what?

I had a 21% increase in people coming forward asking me to discuss becoming a client.

This one testimonial sums it up – “re-inspired me with drive that I had 36 years ago!”

What is interesting is the passion that exuded in the presentation was inspired from the night before.

While sitting in the Comox airport waiting for my 6pm flight I said to myself; “I’m not associated to this speaking presentation that I am going to do in the morning. I have been very busy all day long – thinking, doing, thinking, doing – and I am not associated to adding value to the audience”.

So I stopped thinking and doing and started to envision the message that I wanted to express. I asked myself, what kind of an experience did I want to convey to the audience. My presentation covers a lot of serious material and can get quite deep and even threatening to some. A thought came to mind to be serious and fun at the same time. So I set the intention for serious and fun and woke up with the same thought this morning.

The audience and I both had a lot of fun.

Will I use the PowerPoint again? I’ll take a look at what I covered and see what I missed.