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My Report To My Coach From Last Week

Last week was very exciting for us being the first concentrated week of marketing in nearly a year and this time around it is really noticeable that our energies are being magnified by the web site, blog and e-newsletter along with all of the other related systems as we market “speaking, workshops and coaching”.

We’ve done a thorough job on researching professional speaking opportunities in associations and corporations and our e-presentation and snail mail presentation packages are nearing final completion.

Our e-marketing campaign has really be clarified with the confirmation of key words in our article titles and document content for pay per click, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and opt in data base marketing. Whew! I finally understand what all of this means and have a good handle on it!!

Thank you S.H. for the list of Financial Advisor Coach Web Sites. Your help is really appreciated.

I can see a shift happening – as we are now marketing big gigs to add value and attract coaching clients we are shifting from a “coaching, workshop and speaking focus” to “speaking, workshop and coaching focus” as we now have the tools to do North American marketing.

A friendly reminder that we launched the following new product on Friday: Personalized Values & Behaviors Assessment and Values & Behaviors 1 hour Telephone Assessment Debriefing Session with Simon Reilly:

Thanks to all of you that are using the Tell-A-Friend System for the web site and e-newsletter and it is exciting to see new subscribers flowing in.

I received the following e-mail from a well respected principal/senior advisor with one of the largest financial advisor firms on Friday afternoon;

You are very good at what you do. I need to figure out how to enhance my e-mail contact to clients. Maybe we should talk-.call me next week at 000-000-0000.

At the end of the week we were able to report results on the following categories – something we have not done for a long time.

* $ in sales sold in June
* $ in quotes out

* appts – new coaching enquiries requested
* appts – new coaching enquiries booked

* referrals – coaching requested
* referrals – coaching presentations sent
* referrals – coaching following up

* appts – strategic alliance marketing identified
* appts – strategic alliance marketing presentations sent
* appts – strategic alliance marketing following up

* referral – strategic alliance marketing requested
* referral – strategic alliance presentations sent
* referral – strategic alliance following up

* appts – speaking national/regional identified
* appts – speaking national/regional presentations sent
* appts – speaking national/regional following up

* referrals – speaking national/regional requested
* referrals – speaking national/regional presentations sent
* referrals – speaking national/regional following up

“Measure it and they will come”.