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My New Book Cover

This is an excerpt out of my December 2006 E-Newsletter – 31 Secrets To Guarantee Success In 2007 And Beyond.

I am creating this Blog now as I need to create a destination for the hyperlink that we are putting in the E-Newsletter. Enjoy.

The twenty-second secret is build up your feelings and frequency by creating ways to see, hear and feel the experience of the success that you want in advance.

Do something as simple as test drive a car or view a home or visit the travel agent.

My strategies included having the book cover created in advance by Kim Black and this is because the visual trigger will cause me to write. Click (My New Book Cover) to view.


As I write this I’m noticing that I am very much in the writing experience and my heart is filled with excitement as the next writing will be invested in my book. The vision is written. I’ve created the time over the holiday season, I have the environment and I have the material.

For me, another strategy is to attend speaking events of 1000 people or more – wait a minute – that may not be necessary as I just remembered that I have been on stage with Tony Robbins with 3000 people back in 1992 and I still have those vivid pictures in my mind – I will still attend speaking events to experience inspiration.

Another strategy is to visualize and relive my experience of being on the Saturday morning news on BCTV News on Global Television. This time around I will be on many, many TV programs being interviewed about my book and that will include Harpo Productions and Harpo is Oprah spelled backwards. And why not! As Stewart Smalley would say from Saturday Night Live “I’m nice enough, I’m smart enough and not only that, people like me”. As you can see, writing can get you into feeling joy and humor!

Simon Reilly on BCTV News on Global Television