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Motivational Musings – Are You Motivated To Keep Your Hair On Fire?


There is a difference between the philosophies of Inspiration & Motivation.

I’m well aware of the dangers of too much motivation having sold motivational seminars in my past.

– “Motive – the sense of need, desire or fear” – Webster’s Dictionary.
– “Inspire – to influence, move, or guide” – Webster’s Dictionary.

It is impossible to fulfill an unmet need from outside of oneself through motivation. One will never be fulfilled because fulfillment comes from within. What’s even worse, OCM (Obsessive Compulsive Motivation) will keep on reminding you that you are in fear and it will remind those around you of your fear and theirs. Not very attractive if you are in sales.

Fulfillment – deep, soul-orientated Feelings that one experiences when they are expressing their Values, as in being themselves.

Seeking fulfillment from the outside will cause one to keep motivating themselves and motivating themselves and motivating themselves and motivating themselves and motivating themselves and ..

Motivational seminars sell the participants on the next seminar which the participant blindly and unconsciously believes will provide them with the next level of motivation to fill their unconscious unmet need. The only need that gets filled is someone else’s wallet.

It is nearly impossible to help a person learn to inspire themselves from the inside out when their hair is on fire with motivation.