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More Synchronicity

Whew! The CMA Presentation on 13 Steps To Build A Championship Team is complete after creating 114 PowerPoint Slides! The presentation is at 1:30pm on Tuesday in Victoria, BC.

With the countless hours of this project being out of the way other than the presentation, I can get my entire business back to normal as the relocation has been all consuming and as soon as that was complete, I had to write the CMA presentation.

The good news is I now have quite a number of fabulous PowerPoint Presentations to add to me resume. The CMA Presentation is actually three presentations in one.

You may remember my Blog article on February 8th entitled Auto Service & Synchronicity. This was about going to get my vehicle serviced by Steve, and Steve asking his father Jake to drive me back to my home. Along the way Jake told me that how had over 40 years in banking and that he was starting his own Financial Planning Practice and Jake also invited me to the local Chamber of Commerce AGM which was the next night.

Can you believe it?

The community that I live in has around 10,000 people and I’ve never seen such a well attended and well put together Chamber meeting. It puts Vancouver to shame.

The entertainment, quality of the speakers and the genuine hospitality of the people were just simply amazing.

So Laura & I ran into Jake and we grabbed a table so that we could get a good seat. Five other people joined us and we all started talking and we had a great time.

Then it hit me! I told everyone about how I had met Jake through his son Steve and mentioned that everyone at the table was in the Financial Services Industry.

Synchronicity at work!

Jake asked me to get together with him to talk about his practice.