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More Scaleable & Saleable

The Case Study for the November E-Newsletter is now complete and I have now moved over to writing a Scaleable Leading Advisor Coaching Program that will allow me to deliver the program to more Financial Advisors through the following technology as the One On One Coaching spots are nearly all gone. I expect that we may have some attrition near the end of the year so we are setting our goals to oversell by 10%.

The Scaleable Systems are as follows and I have enclosed a copy of our Mind Genius Mind Map.

– Values & Behaviors Assessments

– Written Values & Behaviors Assessment Debriefing Via MS Journal

– Values & Behaviors Assessments Debriefing Tele-Class

– Assignments; Unmet Needs, Clear Limiting Beliefs, Clear Limiting Emotions, Values, Eliminate Tolerations, Boundaries, Get Complete, 10 Daily Habits, Simplify Your Business, Create A Reserve, Improve Your Attitude, Raise Your Standards, Start Attracting Business

– Bi-Weekly Assignment Tele-Classes

– MP3 Of Bi-Weekly Assignment Tele-Classes

– Removing Your Roadblocks Power Point

– Call In Days – Bi-Weekly 15 Minute One On One Appointments

– 24 / 7 E-Mail Access

– Weekly Goal Tracking Software

Scalable Program.jpeg

Details & Pricing To Follow