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Monday Musings

This is a pic of Google’s Earth Day, April 22, 2007 Graphic

How did you celebrate Earth Day, April 22, 2007?

Here is an excerpt from Midnight Oil’s, Beds Are Burning;

The time has come
To say fair’s fair
To pay the rent
To pay our share
The time has come
A fact’s a fact
It belongs to them
Let’s give it back

How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep while our beds are burning
How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep while our beds are burning

The time has come to say fairs fair
to pay the rent, now to pay our share

What if you were to add one new energy saving action every month? What would it be?

• Install energy efficient light bulbs
• Install energy efficient shower heads
• Hang dry more of your clothes
• Purchase sundries in volume to reduce packaging and trips to the store
• Recycle cardboard, glass, tetra packs, tins
• Use dishwasher without drying cycle
• Use programmable thermostats
• Work from home / tele-commute

Fulfillment Planner™

Sequaying from Friday’s Blog Article that I wrote relating to a Fulfillment Planner™, it seems that I am not the only one with thoughts that Financial Advisors may integrate Life Coaching or Life Planning both for themselves and for their clients into their Financial Advisor Practice.

Here is a link to an article entitled Taking a “Life First” approach: The emerging trend in wealth management by Barry LaValley

Here are our areas of focus for the balance of 2007

April – June 2007

• Complete Quarterly Review, Create Operations & Manual and Time Line Operations
• Speak at Advocis, Company/MGA and Pro-Seminars, One On One Coach and Write E-Newsletter & Blog

• Create Improved Sales Tracking

• Complete PowerPoint Upgrade
• MP3 & Typeset Speaking Presentation For Articles, CE Credits, E-Newsletter and Product

• Id Dates For Quarterly (Fall) Live Workshops

• Complete Accounting
• Implement Financial Operations
• Complete Credit Card Debt Reduction, Merchant Account and Business LOC
• Upgrade Budget Cash Flow
• Price Increase / Time Decrease ( Creating Space For Book & CD )

• Implement Delegation & VA Operations

• Improve One On One Coaching / Create Alumni Program

• Public Speaking Lead Follow Up System
• Referrals & Testimonials Follow Up System

• Public Speaking Gig Research Associations, Companies/MGAs, Conferences & Strategic Alliances, Western Canada, Lead Follow Up and Send Folio & Show Reel

• Prepare For & Complete Retreat

• Study Book Publishing Book, Speaking Marketing Book and GYM to Create Plans

July – September 2007

• Create Trade Show Booth
• Create Quarterly Pro-Seminars Live Workshops
• Write Book & CD In July and August
• Suspend Or Improve E-Book / PowerPoint Product
• Create Removing Your Roadblocks GYM
• Apply For CE Credits
• Deliver Removing Your Roadblocks GYM ( September )

October – December 2007

• Create & Market Retreat
• Web Resources Section
• Produce Direct Mail, Best Of Best E-Newsletter, Referral Card, 100 Tips Booklet