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Monday Is A Planning Day After Rigorous Branding & Product Development


Monday brings a needed Planning Day as last Thursday and Friday were invested in extensive and rather rigorous work on Re-Branding our business, Product Development – Book Writing and Reorganizing our Website.

This extensive and rather rigorous work was broken up by our first Sea Kayak Lesson on Thursday evening. We both thoroughly enjoyed the serenity, freedom and nature even though we were caught in a torrential downpour. That is about as close to nature and water as you are going to get.

I forgot to mention that we watched Peaceful Warrior on DVD on Wednesday evening which is based upon Dan Millman’s, Way Of The Peaceful Warrior. I highly recommend the book and DVD. “You practice gymnastics, I practice everything” was one quote that stood out to me from the DVD. This segues to Stephen Covey’s concept of identify all the Roles in your life: Business Leader, Business Manager, Coach, Communicator, Friend, Human Being, Marketer, Money Manager, Mentor, Neighbor, Parent, Spouse, Teacher … all these Roles can be a form of Practice.

Friday evening included a visit to Future Shop to investigate the purchase of a Hard Disc Drive Camcorder. This will enable me to film ask the experts, client feedback, personal reflections, speaking presentations, telephone coaching sessions, testimonials and more and post them in my blog, e-newsletter and web site. The applications are endless. One model that we are looking at is the: Sony DCR-SR52 Hard Disc Drive Camcorder With 2.7” LCD Screen

Saturday and Sunday were days of rest just hanging out at home.