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Mixing Focus Days & Buffer Days

Do you get what you focus on? This is what I talk about and provide systems to change.

There are times when one can be tired and I was at this morning’s presentation.

The numbers were still excellent with a 40% enrollment for the 12 Day E-Course, 2 Requests for Speaking and 2 Want To Work With Me. While excellent and I have high standards at the same time.

So for the trip we averaged 45% enrollment for the 12 Day E-Course, 2 Requests for Speaking and 7 Clients Want To Work With Me. Remembering that the 12 Day E-Newsletter will attract Clients over time.

Alex mentioned that it was excellent as always and that the audience did not notice the energy.

This brings me back to being aware of mixing Focus Day & Buffer Day Activity together. Focus Days (Speaking) requires extroverted energy and Buffer Days (Writing) requires introverted energy and mixing the two doesn’t always work.

This gives me even more conviction to get my writing projects completed over the next 10 days because it is Focus Days in September.

Yesterday was a long day that started at 5am with 5 hours sleep, a 2 hour drive back from London to Toronto and then 10 hours of writing with breaks for a nap and meals in between. That is a revelation as it makes me more aware of were my energy might have gone.

One more thing. Sometimes good ideas are not a good ideas and one thing can change everything. I thought it may be a good idea to ask the participants to initial their intake forms if it is OK if we can use their testimonial. NOT! This is what may have had an effect on the number of testimonials that we received in as much as we still received a 40% response to the 12 Day E-Course, this testimonials were fewer.

I was looking to save some time. Another learning experience.

Off to airport.