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Mission Critical

I’ve been going Mission Critical for now as I find myself stretching to get back into my routine after returning from Las Vegas on Thursday, September 13.

Before I left for Las Vegas on September 8, I made up my mind in advance that I would be working on Saturday, September 15 and I am glad that I did.

In fact I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings to mid afternoon on all three days and I am on top of my Projects which are grouped and prioritized into the following categories;

• Mission Critical
• Routine
• Business Development
• Personal

You can see the items under each category at the bottom of this Blog.

Just now it is 1pm PST on Sunday, September 16 and I’m at the gate at the Comox, BC awaiting a flight to Edmonton, AB where I will be speaking at 8am on Monday morning.

As I was working over the weekend I recalled a strategy that a past associate of mine used while they worked for a leader in the personal development industry.

They would make sure that they were well rested with the forthcoming two days being completely free of appointments so that they could focus 101% on their business with the intention of coming into work at 8am in the morning on a Thursday and working right around the clock to 5pm on Friday night. The reason they chose these days was to be able use the weekend to recover. They would work the 30 + hours taking breathing, cardio, high energy food, stretching and water breaks along the way. The results were incredible.

I am thinking of trying this on for size on the next coaching off days when I am not traveling.

The reason that I say this is with the advent of September and loads of client and speaking work, I am finding it a little challenging to get the uninterrupted hours to focus on all the work that is related to my book. This not only includes the writing, it includes the branding, new company logo, wordmark and book cover as it has been years since we created our logo and graphics and it is time that we made our image more professional.

So this blog is finished now and I am going to settle into Mission Critical activities on my flight to Edmonton. These include a Power Point Review and completing my September E-Newsletter as I have my Client Files Reviewed for tomorrow’s calls which are right after my speaking presentation. When this is all completed, I will catch a flight home on Monday afternoon.

Projects September 2007

Mission Critical
• Personal Care; Practice, Cycle, Reading
• Coaching; Calls, GYM A – Audio Calls & 50 Minutes, GYM B – Product Development & 10 Steps (Blogs & Marketing)
• Speaking
• Speaking Sales/Prospecting
• Automate Speaking Follow Up
• Referrals
• Testimonials
• Speaking Sales/Prospecting
• Blog & E-Newsletter
• Delegation / Outsourcing
• Tradeshow
• Reading Financial Publications

• Planning; Client Days, Buffer Days, Free Days, Laura Meeting, Team Meetings – Barrow, Bishop, Black, Greenway, Speaking Marketing, Parsons
• Computer Maintenance
• Financial Budget Cash Review
• Financial Accounting
• Financial Debt Management

Business Development
• Marketing Public Speaking
• Product Development – Book, Branding, Graphics, Editor Preparation, Tradeshow. Web Site
• Complete Points Of Marketing Plan A & B
• Marketing Plan – A; The Elite Advisor, Publish Articles, DVD Video Recorder – Blog, Coaching, E-News
• Marketing Plan – B
• Strategic Alliances

• Family
• Friends
• Home Maintenance, Home Stereo