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Measure Equals Creating A Better Mood

Over the past week I’ve talked about the relationships between Goals, Measures, Invest, Infuse, Stress, Results and Giving Thanks.

Add all of this adds up to Creating A Better Mood.

Here is a challenge for the next 30 days.

As you work towards your Goals, Measure your progress and Give Thanks for your results, use the following Mood Meter to Measure Your Mood.

Value Mood

15 Ecstatic
14 Triumphant
13 Jubilant
12 Elated
11 Delighted
10 Joyful
9 Gay
8 Lighthearted
7 Happy
6 Pleased
5 Satisfied
4 Encouraged
3 Cheerful
2 Purposeful
1 Determined
-1 Anxious
-2 Worried
-3 Lonely
-4 Frustrated
-5 Upset
-6 Disillusioned
-7 Downcast
-8 Gloomy
-9 Downhearted
-10 Discouraged
-11 Disgusted
-12 Depressed
-13 Desperate
-14 Despairing
-15 Miserable

I guarantee that if you take 5 -10 minutes at the end of every day writing down the results that you are creating, no matter how small the action or the result, your mood will improve increasing your actions and results along the way.