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Marketing Assistant’s & RRSPs

To improve your Marketing Assistant’s effectiveness, remember to;

– Advise them in advance that you would like to have a meeting in a week
– For the meeting ask them to bring to the meeting
– What they believe is working well
– What needs to be improved
– What do they need from you

During the meeting;

– Let the marketing assistant start the meeting by offering answers to the questions that you gave them
– Then ask them if they would like feedback
– Provide them with YOUR answers to the same questions
– Identify actions for improvements

Please remember that this suits THEIR COMMUNICATION STYLE.

You can use the RRSP season creating a sense of urgency with the following script:

– It’s Jane calling from Dick’s office
– I’m calling because it is going to get very busy with RRSP season
– Can we go ahead and schedule an appointment with Dick at our office for either _________ or ___________
– In advance of the appointment –
– Can you remember when the last time you had a financial review?
– What is your main area of interest?
o Product A
o Product B
o Product C
– Thank you. I will call to confirm your appointment 24 hours in advance.