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Many Are Called, Few Are Ready

My last business plane ride until March 2008.

Simon, beware of the dark side.

It takes a considerable amount of energy, money and time to maintain our speaking schedule.

When I get tired which is what happened at the end of October last year, my ego mind gets in the way and starts questioning “is it worth it and these audiences have all seen me speak before and they have no interest … blah, ego, blah, ego, blah etc.”. If you have heard me speak you know that I believe that I attract whatever I believe.

When this happens I am reminded to focus on our Values and Vision, Purpose & Mission because this work is not about me and it is about adding value to those that we serve.

With a Clear Mind I decided to run some numbers and figure out how many members of the last four events have seen me speak before and here are the numbers by;

# Attendees
# Attendees Who Have Seen Me Speak
% Attendees Who Have Seen Me Speak

• January 8th, 2008 Toronto, ON, 90, 23, 21%
• January 9th, 2008 London, ON, 52, 16, 8%
• January 14th, 2008 Calgary, AB, 72, 20, 14%
• January 16th, 2008 Vancouver, BC, 100, 37, 37%

The average is 20% of the audience has seen me before.

My ego mind’s theories were cast even further aside when Greg walked up to me after Wednesday morning’s presentation in Vancouver, BC and said; “I’ve seen you speak at least four times and while I am very successful there is something that is not quite right and I believe it is time that we have a conversation”.

These speaking trips in early January have yielded 10 prospective clients that have asked me to have a conversation about becoming a client. It is likely that 5 out of the 10 will become a client and seize the day and learn how to finally Remove The Roadblocks To Their Success …

… Many Are Called, Few Are Ready.