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Making Sure Next Weeks Book Writing Does Not Disappear

Vanilla Sky

Wednesday was an excellent day of coaching calls that included a prospect that decided to become a client. We are now oversold. In a way, it is a good thing that I am not speaking over the summer because I would not have any space to work with the clients that I would attract. Another reason to get the book completed. We also confirmed the opportunity to speak at a private company event in Quebec in September.

Next week is back to Product Development Days that allow me the space to continue with the work on the book.

Looking ahead, I am paying attention to the following projects and activities that I am working on with our team to make sure that next week’s book writing time does not disappear;

• Accounting Plan & Questions
• Automated Public Speaking Follow Up System
• ClientCentric Blogs
• Clients Only E-Mail System
• Computer Upgrades
• Outlining July 15th E-Newsletter
• Printed E-Newsletter For Clients Only
• Upgrade E-Newsletter Delivery Software
• Taped MP3 Audio Product Of Client Coaching Calls
• Web Site Upgrades

Please note that Wednesday’s ClientCentric Blogs follow this Blog.