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Make It A Fun Weekend

Friday included speaking with one of my valued client’s that has done a remarkable job in the last six months of increasing revenues, sales, hiring a marketing assistant, opening new markets and more and there is much more to come.

At the same time, my valued client felt that while the business is doing extremely well, something seems to be missing in their personal life, the weekends in particular.

I said I get. You work with focus and dedication during the weekend and bang, the weekend hits and if you are not careful, you are saying to yourself on Sunday even, where did the weekend go. You don’t really feel like you had a weekend.

I replied you have to make it a fun weekend by a) planning the weekend and b) taking the time to appreciate and give thanks for the experiences that you had during the weekend.

You know what they say; all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

So given that I worked last weekend on Sunday getting ready for my Toronto trip, I was feeling like I wanted the entire weekend off and committed to my friend Pat that I was taking the weekend off. Please see the following list of what I did on the weekend.

In advance, giving the weekend some thought about the kind of weekend that I would like to experience which is what I asked my client to do.

– Took a nature walk in the woods – rat-tat-tat-tat tat! What was that! Three woodpeckers catching our attention. – inspiring
– Watched one of the movies nominated for an academy award – no comment
– A trip to the bicycle shop for a rear reflector to become more visible to motorists – enriching
– A trip to Retail Mecca – Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Depot, Pier One, Sears & Staples for window shopping, supplies and home items – restorative
– Delivered bedding, clothes, shoes and towels to The Salvation Army – contributing
– Laura and I had a couples massage – releasing
– A new neighbor invited us over on Saturday evening for a get acquainted conversation – a joyful exchange
– Journaling – clarifying
– Mediation and Prayer – honoring
– Bicycle riding over new frontier, saw a deer along the way – rejuvenating
– Being in love – wonderful
– Walking the dog – playful
– Tony Soprano @ 8pm Sunday – a choice to watch mindless TV
– Made It A Fun Weekend – this weekend was a refreshing break, a time to reconnect, with peace and quite, the serenity of nature, got some great exercise, lots of rest, time to reflect – priceless

The above list will be a great foundation for next weekend.