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Loneliness Of The Speaker On The Road

🙂 Experiencing or fighting the “loneliness of the speaker on the road” just now sitting in my hotel room in downtown Kitchener waiting for the Gig to 80 beaming Financial Advisors – that will sort out the loneliness in a hell of a hurry. (I stole the title off of a British film called The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner.)

Yesterday (Monday) started with a 4:30 am PST wake up, a day of travel, a late plane flight, drunks on the plane, a 1 hour drive from Toronto to Kitchener, Tim Horton’s for dinner at midnight, got to sleep at 1 am EST and a 7am wake up.

My day was brightened by a beautiful card from Laura that was packed in my luggage.

More later –