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It was very sad to see what happened to Heath Ledger. This final portrait of Heath reminds me of what Bob Dylan said to Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam when Eddie asked Bob for some sage advice; “don’t let the guy in the back seat do the driving”.

It’s 5:45pm ET on Tuesday evening and I am sat in the back of a Lincoln Town Car traveling from Kitchener to Toronto, ON trying to beat the 10 – 25 cm of snow that is heading towards Kitchener/Toronto that is forecast to hit at around 7pm this evening.

It has been a fantastic day that started with a 5am meditation followed by half an hour of strong cardio, a shower, a quick review of my power point over breakfast, a 7:30am set up for my 8am speaking presentation and then a one hour, twenty power point slide presentation and one of the best presentations that I have ever done. I say twenty power points because the norm for me is one hundred power point slides.

I feel like changing the title to “Recession Is A State Of Mind … and I’m over it”. Whether we in Canada are in a recession or not and whether the USA is in a recession or not is getting to be a tiring headline. Ok, it’s a recession. What’s next? What are we or you going to do about it? Get on with it and get over it.

My day had an additional highlight when Tom Miller, President of Pro-Seminars asked me to present a three hour workshop via a five city cross Canada tour over a one week period in May … sounds good to me!! Ok we will have to think the travel thing through. 🙂

I got on the phone with my clients from 10am through to 4pm and had an absolutely fantastic day on the phone talking with the best of the best and I say best of the best because the clients that I work with do what it takes to look at themselves and make the changes to be the best that they can be.

Tomorrow morning will be a repeat of Tuesday as I am speaking at 8am in Toronto for Pro-Seminars and then I’ll work from my hotel room until 1pm to get sorted out after coming back from Maui. I’ll head to the airport at 1pm to catch a 3pm ET flight home and will arrive home at around 7pm PT / 10pm ET.

Wow! A Buffer Day working from my hotel and airplane offices.