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Let Us Be Attentive

“Let us be attentive” sang the Ukrainian Catholic Priest as he sang the prayers for the Funeral Mass that Laura and I attended with Laura’s Mother Helen and her Cousins Michelle and Theresa.

The statement “let us be attentive” stood out to me in a number of ways.

One reason was the Priest sang “let us be attentive” in advance of every reading from the Bible.

The second reason is “let us be attentive” is an affirmation that we should be saying to make us aware at every waking moment in our lives.

The third and most significant reason that “let us be attentive” stood out to me was Father Alan was saying the Funeral Mass for the Funeral of his deceased father, Andy Wizinsky. Having given the eulogy at my own father’s funeral just a few years ago I marveled at the inner strength that Father Alan had as he delivered the Mass.

Andy’s wife Rose, and sons Alan, David & Ron and their families filled the church along with more family and friends that spilled out into the street.

I didn’t know Andy very well having met him only a few times. I do recall having one good talk with him at another family gathering. In hind site Andy was all about success and subscribed to “let us be attentive” that is demonstrated by the success of all of his sons and family that Rose and Andy brought up.

Helen said that she had met with him a few days before he died and Andy said “I’ve had a good life”.

Andy clearly subscribed to “let us be attentive”, fore he must have been attentive to have had a good life and he had many family members and friends that loved him. That was evident by the tears flowing from men, women and children alike.