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Leaving Las Vegas


Laura and I are catching a 7:30am flight home from Las Vegas on Thursday morning.

We had the pleasure of listening to Robert Gignac’s 8am Wealth Is A State Of Mind Speaking Presentation at Pro-Seminars.

Robert did an outstanding job of his presentation and he was well received which was demonstrated by the number of members of the audience that wanted to speak with Robert at the end. I’ll do a Blog in the near future of the highlights of Robert’s Presentation.

After Robert’s presentation, Laura, Robert and I met for breakfast to debrief each other on our speaking presentations and to discuss some joint marketing strategies.

Robert gave me some excellent feedback and was kind enough to point out that the four best speakers at the event were Karl Krokosinski, Jim Ruta, Peter Wouters and I.

That is it for now as I am tired right out from the trip and I doing this quick Blog at 8:30pm on Wednesday evening because I will not have a lot of time in the morning.

I’ll talk more about Robert’s presentation and our discussion in Friday’s Blog.

I have three days off now counting Thursday’s travel day and then I am back on a plane on Sunday to fly to Edmonton, Alberta.

I’ll use tomorrow’s flight to write my September E-Newsletter.