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Laura Said, It’s 6 Months Today That We Moved & It’s New Years On September 1st!

– photo courtesy of www.smart-studio.com/titles.html

We are the busiest we have ever been and we are taking the first Monday of the month off from client work and reminding you to do the same through our actions as we scheduled this months ago.

To do what?

As I write this all I can say is I’m not sure.

With seven cross Canada Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations and countless client conversations in November what I do know is I am loosing the joy of work and it is feeling like a chore and when this happens it is time to stop.

Why is work feeling like a chore? Well all work and no play make Simon a dull boy.

When this happens it is time to redevelop my attitude through gratitude for all of the wonderful accomplishments, experiences and opportunities to serve the clients we are privileged to serve.

Doing this allows us to wake up and feel the joy of prosperity.

Feeling the joy of prosperity reawakens our vision and inspiration.