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Laura Is Outsourcing

We are becoming relentless Outsourcers so that we can be the best that we can be!

Here is a copy of an e-mail that Laura gave me on Outsourcing.

Hello all,

I’m pleased to say that the majority of the grocery shopping has now been outsourced!

I placed my order online last night, and picked my delivery time. A retired fellow in a truck just showed up with my entire grocery order, and I paid by debit card. The fee for this service was $10.

(The only item that I’m not comfortable with shopping for online is meat – that I will need to purchase in bulk and put in the freezer.)

All is put away in the fridge, cupboard and freezer, and I have just saved myself 3 hours on my Sunday morning. 🙂

Now I can go for a bike ride with my husband, instead of grocery shopping!

Wishing all a lovely weekend.