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Labor Day Game Face

The last 10 days have been rather busy since leaving for Toronto, ON on Sunday, August 19th for two speaking presentations for Pro-Seminars in Toronto and London, ON though to completing Tuesday’s Client Coaching Day.

I’m looking forward to the next three days to contribute time to working on my book in the mornings and to client care and business management in the afternoons.

As Labor Day approaches the Great White North, I reflect on the question of how to make the best out of the final quarter of 2007.

1. Give Thanks for absolutely everthing that you have experienced over the summer in both your business and personal lives, no matter how small. Be sure to write down how this makes you feel.

2. Set 90 Day Goals so that you will coast to the finish line of December 31, 2007 versus running like hell.

3. Understand that Dreams Don’t Retire and Dreams Have No Expiry Date.