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Kim Black Introduced Me To Anna Hemmings Website & Showreel

Tuesday’s plane flight from Edmonton left 40 minutes late and I told that I was going to miss my transfer at Calgary and it looked like I was going to be spending the night in Calgary, AB. I got a lucky break and they held the plane and I literally ran off the Edmonton, AB flight in Calgary, AB to catch the flight to Comox, BC while I was calling Laura on my cell to come and pick me up. This post 911 air travel combined with travel in the winter in the great white north is starting to get a little tight.

It was great to be home and have Laura meet me at the plane and we took a personal break on the way home to have dinner at The Kingfisher. After that we drove 100 km home through one of the worst rain storms that we have ever experienced

Tuesday was invested in working with clients, preparing and delivering a Teleclass for 10 people and preparing the PowerPoint for Wednesday.

Laura and I finished the day with a 15 km bike ride.

I caught up on my Blogging on Wednesday evening.

Wednesday brings a Pro-Seminars speaking gig in Richmond, BC at 9am. This brings a 15 minute float plane trip from Naniamo, BC to Richmond, BC at 7:50am.

This is the day that we are filming for a new DVD & Showreel for the Speaking Section on our Website.

Kim Black Introduced Me To Anna Hemmings Website & Showreel. Anna is a World Champion Kayaker.