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Just Do It – Audio Blog – Not!

It’s Monday April 30th and day 1 of a week off from coaching and speaking.

In staying with the comment that I made in last week’s blog about creative destruction and improvements to our business and coaching services, I thought I would break through my comfort zone and create today’s blog using Audio Acrobat.

We can use Audio Acrobat to record;

• Audio blogs, e-newsletters and pod casting
• Client messages imbedded in e-mails
• One on one tele-coaching calls for our clients
• Teleconference calls for the attendees
• To typeset for articles, books and e-newsletters

Here is the link to Audio Acrobat so that you can receive a free trial.

So there is much to do this week on business development and I will keep you posted on our progress as we continue into the week

Make it a great week!

The above is the copy for the audio for today’s Blog and I ran into a glitch so rather than make today’s Blog a “make work project for the entire day” I decided to type set the Blog and I will give it another go tomorrow.