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Just Add Value And It Comes Back

Its 7am EST and I am just doing a quick Blog before I speak at Pro-Seminars here in Toronto, ON.

Today is the 5th anniversary of our wedding engagement. Here’s a pic of the beautiful card that Laura put into my luggage. The loneliness of the road is easily outweighed when someone truly loves you and you love them back.

Once again, I fully maximized yesterday’s flight time with a review of my Power Point Presentation to match the flow of my book, I got caught up on my client communication and planning.

I have four client calls after today’s speaking presentation and then I am off to Thunder Bay, ON for a presentation for Advocis North Western Ontario on Friday morning.

I received this e-mail ( edited ) last night.

Hi Simon:

Hope you are well, we haven’t chatted in a long time. Funny how the universe works, I was just thinking about you yesterday. I have a very good friend _______________, who is a very successful financial advisor. We had lunch and he asked me to suggest a business coach to him. He wants to refocus his efforts and build his business. I thought of you and then opened up The Advocis Forum magazine today and read your article. __________ would be very open to a contact from you, his phone number is ____________. If you choose to contact him please use my name.

If you need any further clarification feel free to email me or call me at __________________.