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Just A Different Kind Of Art

There was a day when I had my 57 Chev 2dr with a 396 cu. in. c/w an 850 double pump Holly, an L-88 solid lifter cam c/w lifters, rockers and pushrods with a 456 rear end running 10″ wrinkle walls on the street … (can you believe that I can still talk the lingo?)

That looked something like …

So instead of going to the 700 car Oceanside Overdrive Show & Shine in Parksville

I am now going to The Filberg Festival with the likes of Bruce Cockburn and Valdy.

Just a different art form.

This all came to mind because one of my best clients won first place in a car show with a 1969 Camaro convertible, 396, 4 speed.