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January 2007 Retreat

Thank you Kim Black – we’ve gone visual!!


You know how some people who run their own businesses know that they need to take the time out to plan the future, but never seem to find that time or, if they do, they don’t know “where to start?”

Which means that they just show up day after day, year after year, working as hard as they can, but they never seem to make any progress? And their business is running them, versus them running their business? Does that sound familiar?

In fact, sometimes they even attend specialized workshops where they are shown what to do, but even then they still don’t find the time to do it?

Well in working with my clients, I’ve come to recognize this problem, and I am very excited to announce that we are presenting our first ever coaching “annual retreat” to help 20 individuals prepare and plan for the best start to a new year of business, that they have ever had.

The retreat will be held at, The Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa from January 11th – 15th, 2007. This is Vancouver Island’s Premier Spa and Adventure Resort with awe inspiring views, gourmet cuisine, and the fabulous Oceanside Spa with the exclusive Pacific Mist Hydropath. The location is secluded and the scenery is awe inspiring and there will only be room for twenty individuals.


The benefits of which are-

– A facilitated business and personal planning retreat, working exclusively with Simon and Laura Reilly on creating and refining your 3 year vision for you and your business.

– Taking the materials we use in our first workshop, we will be working with you to answer the “3 year question” – “If we were meeting here, in January 2010 and looking back over the last 36 months, what would have to have happened both personally and professionally for us to be happy with our progress?”

– This will involve an examination of your key professional and personal goals together with a discussion of the key roles that each of you intends to fulfill during the period in question.

– We will translate that 3 year vision into a 12 month plan of action – followed by a further translation into 90 day goals.

– Our next step will be to create a Time Management Plan and Calendar for the Next 12 Months

– Our next step will be to create the Financial Controls and a 12-month Cash Flow Forecast leading to accurate and realistic pricing and activity projections

– Our next step is to “Breakthrough” all the limitations that have stopped you in the past and show you a system that will continue to Inspire you to meet and exceed your vision and goals.

– Please note that we will be continuing to refine the components of the retreat right up until January so we will keep you posted.

– The format will be suitable for any business.

– With training in the mornings, the afternoons are open to work on your own material with me being on hand to answer questions and provide you with additional assistance, then working dinners to discuss progress each day.

– Benefit to you – a focused period of planning with one of Canada’s leading business coaches on hand to guide you along the way.
No more than 20 people in attendance – travel to arrive Thursday evening, leave Monday morning.

– The location is only 2 ?Ǭ? hours from Vancouver by ferry via Horseshoe Bay including the drive time. Or you can fly from Vancouver Airport to Comox Airport, and we will arrange to have you picked up at the airport and driven to The Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa.

– The environment is inspirational – we have researched our location carefully to ensure that the standard of accommodation is superb, whilst allowing you to “get away from it all” in comfort and in a location that is truly beautiful.

No interruptions – emergency contact with family and business – leave the “stuff” behind and work together on your future plans.

In fact, we are going to make sure that you have adequate time to spend “alone”, implementing the ideas we discuss and creating the finished product that you can take home on Monday.
Our suggested itinerary will be:

– Thursday evening – Greetings, introductions and welcome dinner

– Friday morning – coaching on what has to be achieved and how to do it

– Friday afternoon – private time (with Simon on hand if you need him)

– Friday evening – informal working dinner

– Saturday morning – coaching on progress so far and questions

– Saturday afternoon – private time (with Simon on hand if you need him) / Spa Time

– Saturday evening – dinner at an outside location

– Sunday morning – coaching on progress so far and questions

– Sunday afternoon – private time (with Simon on hand if you need him) / Spa Time

– Sunday evening – working dinner and open discussion of results

– Monday morning – final session before departure

Full board and lodging provided – nothing for you to think about from when you arrive to when you leave.

The Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa

Take a look around the web site for the location – it’s fabulous.
Daily activities – formal coaching, outdoor leisure, spa treatments, and more informal coaching in the evening.

– Be prepared to work hard and have fun at the same time.

– You may find yourself coaching at a dining table, having a massage, working out in the gym, or walking along the beach – whatever it takes to stimulate your mind and energize you about the future.

Amazing company – Simon Reilly “live and uncut”, Laura Reilly, PLUS you and 19 other people in business.

– Simon Reilly will be there to make sure all of your questions can be answered.

– Don’t underestimate the benefit of working with 19 other people in business who may have varied experiences that they can share with you.

Return with a clear 3-year vision, 12-month plan and 90-day goals.

– You will return home on Monday with “job done” and, no doubt, many ideas

This is a pilot retreat and we are keeping our prices low to reflect the help you will give us in putting future events together.

– Total investment is $2007 CN per person based on single
occupancy to include accommodation and meals (all except alcohol, the Saturday night meal out, and any Spa Treatments you may experience). You will be responsible for your travel costs.

** double occupancy – you may be able to share a room if you wish, providing we can find a suitable room mate. The double occupancy rate is $1747 per person.

– Also includes 4 nights and three full working days with Simon Reilly

– Payment options:

o Early bird registration – Payment before December 1, 2006 in full = $1907 single / $1660 double (5% discount)
o Installment plan = 3 payments of $669 single on October 1, 2006, November 1, 2006 & December 2006
o Installment plan = 3 payments of $583 double on October 1, 2006, November 1, 2006 & December 2006
o Payment in full after December 2, 2006 = $2007 single / $1747 double

Join us for what we truly believe will be a transformation experience – if you would like to reserve a place or have any questions then please email lreilly@leadingadvisor.com