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It’s The Principal Of It

Simon Parsons and I just got the final tablet PC incompletions sorted out which were getting my new portable iP90v Canon printer working, getting my power point working with a projector and downloading pictures from my cell phone.

So now that I can download the pictures from my cell phone here are a few that I took on this week’s trip … it’s the principal of it.

Whew! The first working week of the year has been challenging and rewarding at the same time.

The Toronto baggage carousel that went around 50 times at 11:30pm on Sunday, January 6th.

The Google Map of 14km, 17 minutes and a 10 turn ride to and from Future Shop that I hired a $70.00 cab for on Monday evening January 7th to avoid driving in the dark and on roads where I had no clue where I was going.

The $70.00 cab ride gave me the opportunity to work on my power point in the back of the cab.

Dinner at The Loan Star in Toronto on Monday evening January 7th finishing off the power point.

The propeller of my Air Canada Jazz aircraft flying home for the second time on Thursday, January 10th. Let’s hope we can land this time.