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It’s E-Newsletter Time

There was a time when I struggled to find the content for my Monthly E-Newsletters.

Here is a list of the subject titles that I have to draw upon where I have some of the content pre-written.

The reason that I am sharing is I am taking a selfish approach to taking this time to prioritize what I am going to be writing about.

Thanks for listening.

E-Newsletter Table Of Contents (Draft)

– 3rd Anniversary
– 12 Day E-Course
– Advocis Pro-D Day – Education versus Product Presentation
– Are You A Human Ego Or A Human Ego?
– Are You Majoring In Minor Things?
– Book Update
– Branding + 19 Rules Of Niche + Nurture Marketing + What Is Your Story
– Don’t Get Into Fight With A Pig
– Freud Returns
– Intention – Our One On One Client + On Site Workshop Goals
– Our Vision and Removing The Mental Road Blocks To Your Success + The Leading Advisor 8 Step Program
– PowerPoint Updates
– Pro-Seminar Sponsored Workshops
– Selling You On You
– This Book Could Make Your Ego Mind Very Angry
– Ultimate Success Formulae
– Weeks Off

Glad to see that this one is going to be simple.