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It’s Been A Selfish Blogging Week

There are weeks when I have Blogs that are about client business building and client activity and this is not one of them. 🙂

Over the past thirty days, I’ve been very engaged in the Quarterly Review of our Business Plan which segues into new 90 Day Goals.

As I mentioned in Tuesday’s April 24th Blog, Eve Of Creative Destruction, Tearing The Business Apart, we are focusing on tearing our business apart and making the following changes / improvements;

• Reducing some of our One On One Coaching
• Adding in an Automated Follow Up System to our Financial Advisor Speaking Presentations
• Adding Group Coaching – Financial Advisor 2.0™ – The Next Generation™

The reason we are making changes is because as valuable and results oriented as the One On One Coaching is for our clients, it is a time-based system and not a scaleable system and does not give our company the results that we want for our long term goals … there is only so much of my time and we need to find ways to leverage our time to create more results for both our clients and ourselves.

To this end, here is draft of the content of the new Group Coaching – Financial Advisor 2.0™ – The Next Generation™ program;

Financial Advisor 2.0™ – The Next Generation™

Phase 1

• 37 Page Values & Behaviors Assessment – Completed & Delivered Online
Values & Behaviors Assessment Debriefing Group Tele-Coaching Call
Assessment Forms
• Daily Blog
• Unlimited E-Mail Access
• Monthly E-Newsletter
• Weekly Goal Setting Software
• Monthly Group Tele-Coaching Conference Calls – General
• Bi-Weekly Group Tele-Coaching Conference Calls – Program Content
MP3 Recoded Coaching & Conference Calls
• Bi-Weekly One On One Tele-Coaching Call In Days
PowerPoint Slide Presentation & E-Books
• On-line Program Content – Assessments, Articles, Assignments
Quarterly Live Workshops
Reading List
• Unlimited Financial Advisor 2.0™ – The Next Generation™ Website Knowledge Bureau Access

Phase 2 …

Advisory Council
Online Forum
• Weekly Podcast
Text Recorded Calls
• Weekly Vlogs ( Video Blogs )
• Monthly Webinars

Having said all of this, it has been a huge month of successful coaching calls along with successful gigs in London, ON, Winnipeg, MB, Vancouver, BC and Calgary, AB.

I am so looking forward to an off week from client calls and speaking the week of April 30th – May 4th.

Have a great weekend!