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It’s About Being Affective Versus Busy

We took the Victoria Day long weekend off.

After coming off the road last week from the Advocis Presentation in Oshawa, ON Thursday night and with a full day of coaching on Friday and the long weekend ahead, I confess that I did not wrap up last week and I left a lot of things undone or let’s call them “to do’s”.

Not working on Monday started my ego mind going early Tuesday, trying to make me believe that “there’s so much to do” and “how will I ever it get it all done” and “I’ll never get it all done” … hang on … I didn’t get into it all that bad … these statements are more the ravings of my past ego mind in this kind of situation.

The remedy … get up early on Tuesday morning and use Microsoft Excel to list everything into one place. Everything:

• On my mind
• In my journal
• From open documents on my computer desktop in: Acrobat Reader, Maximizer, Mind Genius, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Word
• To include E-Mails back from last Thursday

The next steps:

• Code the items by category
• Sort the items by priority
• Code the items to discuss with Laura
• Highlight “A Priority” items in red
• Schedule the “A Priority” items
• Reply to five (at the most) priority e-mails
• Prepare for the days client calls
• Prepare for the call on Automating Public Speaking Follow Up

The investment … about ¾ of an hour

The feeling that is created as I realize that I am not that busy, it is just my ego mind that thinks I am that busy … priceless.

Which brings me to a quote from yesterday’s Blog:

“Einstein completely abandoned his ego,” said Joe. “then he was free to think, free to release his intuitive power”. – The Holy Man by Susan Trott.

Note to self … Monday’s extra day off this long holiday weekend was a must because we are heading into the 4th week of the busiest 6 weeks that we have ever had.

• This week includes coaching calls and a speaking presentation at Advocis Saskatoon, SK
• Next week includes coaching calls and a speaking presentation at the IFB in Toronto, ON
• The week following is a Business Retreat in Devon, England

Note to self, I can’t be that busy … I had time to write this blog early on Tuesday morning.

All of this brought to light being effective with the following versus believing I am too busy:

• Prepare for coaching calls
• Delegation
• Fee adjustment
• Review automating our public speaking follow for 4pm meeting
• Editing the text transcription of Removing Your Roadblocks
• Creating a system to follow our speaking leads from the IFB in Toronto, ON while we are in England
• Planning and pack for my trip to Saskatoon, SK, Toronto, ON and England