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It’s -15C and 165 Financial Advisors At Pro-Seminars in Winnipeg, MB

Today at 8am CDT brings a 165 Financial Advisor audience at Pro-Seminars in Winnipeg and I am up early to prepare for the day so that I am fully associated to adding value to the audience.

I’ll give my PowerPoint Presentations a once over to make sure that my timing is spot on and I am good to go.

I’ve mentioned that I am showing up with two PowerPoints, the second in case 50% of the audience has seen me before and if so, I switch over the new PowerPoint.

To find out from the audience I ask the audience right in the beginning;

• By a show of hands, who will not raise their hands no matter what I ask (which always gets a laugh).

• By a show of hands how many of you have seen me before.

In the case of the March 29th audience in Richmond/Vancouver BC, 50% of the audience had seen me speak so we switched over to the new PowerPoint

Only 10% of the audience in yesterday’s Presentation in London, ON had seen me before so we ran with my tried and true Removing Your Roadblocks To Success PowerPoint.

🙂 A good thing to, I reworked the presentation and I did not save the changes to the new PowerPoint on the Memory Stick that I gave to Alex Nicholson from Pro-Seminars and the one that I gave his was only have finished so the audience in London, ON saved me from a technical nightmare as all the slides in the PowerPoint were completely out of order.

I am very fortunate to have the gift to be able to join with my audiences to seek a better way of business and life.