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“It Took Two Years To Create The Problems”

Pat said to me “It took you two years to create these problems”. Pat is one of my closest friends and a great mentor.

I was talking with him, not complaining, about noticing that I had not quite found my routine after the move and with more and more speaking opportunities which means speaking with clients while on the road.

Two years ago, I probably was complaining to Pat that I had no Marketing Funnel and was experiencing what many solopreneurs experience. A flood of business used to come in all at once, marketing stopped and then it was back to manual marketing to re-create the business. This cycle created many highs and lows in both my cash flow and emotional state.

We talked about problems being opportunities depending on the way we look at them.

My current opportunities are traveling to ten different speaking opportunities across this great land to speak with 500 – 750 financial advisors. They will be introduced to The Leading Advisor Coaching Program through my speaking, web site, e-newsletter, e-programs, teleclasses and more. It is said that prospective clients buy from you when they receive value, know you, like you, trust you, respect you and when they are ready. After all of these things take place the prospective clients will e-mail or phone and ask me to work with them which are exactly what is happening now. We have many of these requests scheduled for follow up conversations and prospective clients continue to become clients through these conversations.

An added bonus is we are getting a new speaking request from either an association or company almost every time we speak.

I’ve got to go and get ready now for a 1pm speaking presentation in Toronto as I have to go and create more problems. 🙂