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It Is Never Too Late To Apologize

Here is letter that I wrote today.

Dear ___________,

I’m writing in follow up to a Speaking Presentation that I did for you for you back in 1999.

As I recall, you were not happy with my presentation.

At the time I did not “get” what you meant and how you were feeling.

This has stuck with me and from time to time I revisit this in my mind.

Today I ran across my computer notes on the presentation that I did.

Today I “get” the message as to why you would not have been happy due to the lack of substance in my 1999 presentation. The presentation was all about how great coaching is and it lacked enough practical hands on substance that an advisor would have wanted. The kind of presentation that I would loath anyone to give today. I am sorry if I caused you any embarrassment.

Today I am offering you a long over due apology and I am sure that it is long gone from your mind. None the less, an apology is due.

Without sounding too self serving;

* my apology is generated by the comparison of the work that I did back in 1999 compared to today with 6 more years and hundreds and hundreds of hours of work experience working with financial advisors.

* I’ve been working for the past 6 years doing one on one coaching with financial advisors doing very little professional speaking other than team building workshops and sales training workshops.

* I launched a web site last December and I find that the next step to launch the site is to offer professional speaking which I can now more than hold my own with.

* I am successfully working with clients that are from your company and it is too small a world to leave this incomplete.

Thank you for understanding.

Simon Reilly