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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

What a day!! It’s 2:45pm MT and I’m in Calgary, AB and I have a couple of coaching calls and then I am off to the airport to catch a 7pm flight to Saskatoon … I can hear Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman in my head “Running back to Saskatoon” … ah the “Guess Who” Good Old Days.

These are the good old days! Now wasn’t that Carly Simon?

No really, these are the good old days.

In yesterday’s blog I wrote …

BTW – We Are Offering Live Private One Day Planning Sessions

If you would like to meet with me for a Live One Day Planning Sessions, please check my Speaking Schedule for the date when I am going to be in your city.

Guess what, three clients came in out of thin air and have requested Live One Day Planning Sessions and I have barely said anything to anyone.

I did a review of where our business is coming from and we came to realize that 25% of our business comes from referrals and we do not ask. I have created a draft referral letter and I haven’t even type set it yet and we have received four high quality referrals from clients in the last week.

The Calgary Advocis Removing Your Roadblocks Speaking Presentation was a real hit and I say that because of the audience response and I just know when I am 101% on and in the groove.

I got back to basics and delivered my tried and true Removing Your Roadblocks Speaking Presentation instead of … can you believe it I have created 3 other versions in the last two months and it takes up too much time and energy trying to get all of these in sync;

• Removing Your Roadblocks – How To Eliminate Fear
• Removing Your Roadblocks – How To Make 2008 Your Best Year Ever
• Removing Your Roadblocks – How To Thrive In A Recession

Speaking in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon, creating Live One Day Planning Sessions with clients right across Canada, working with Kim Black in California on an Audio & Transcription of How To Thrive In A Recession, e-mailing with my cousin in Ireland, working with Laura on loads on stuff that includes entry to speak in the USA and e-mailing back and forth with my business coach Chris Barrow in the UK … all in one day.

One more day to go and I’m home for Easter!!