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Isn’t That What Superman Said?

Yesterday was an amazing day filled with a variety of public speaking prep, public speaking follow up, coaching calls, public speaking and then more coaching calls.

Some people say – where does the energy come from?

As I write this Blog at 7:27pm on Wednesday evening January 18, 2006 I also wonder.

As I was awake at 4:30am this morning.

And you know my story about waking up twice.

Today wasn’t any different.

Now remember I do go to bed early at around 9:30 – 10pm.

And as I came awake this morning I could feel my feet ache and my back ache from two plane flights and from standing delivering a public speaking presentation.

And this morning was no different. STOP!!

Wake up! Take charge of my thought or my ego’s complaining thoughts and go to No-Thought.

Bliss. Connection. Prayer. Call it what you like.

I’ve been practicing this so much that I hit the sweet spot of No-Thought in an instant.

And there was quiet and a feeling of joy came over me.

With this in my heart I got up thankful that I had so many cool things to do.

And with this in mind, I’m reflecting on the absolute privilege of having the opportunity of speaking to 100 financial advisors at 8am on Thursday.

Now doesn’t that just bring tears to your eyes?

Onward, upward away!!

Oh yeah! Isn’t that what Superman said? I’m not Superman. I have many days off right around the corner.