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Irene Reilly


Here is a picture of my mother, Irene Reilly who will turn 88 on February 20th. It is great to know that my mother is well taken care of after all of her years of hard work.


Laura and I visited Irene on Sunday at her home in Agassiz, BC which as a backdrop of the magnificent Mt. Cheam.

A late start today as Sunday started at 6am travelling to Agassiz and we did not get home last night until 7:30pm and we slept in on purpose until 7:30am on Monday which for me is rare.

So this is one of those days when the day which is Buffer Day is running me with getting focused on the week and the projects include …

• Writing the Blog
• Answering an E-Mail Enquiry about a Hiring Project
• Answering E-Mails relating to Public Speaking Enquiries
• Meeting with Laura
• Working with Kim Black on our new “Circuit” Group Coaching Product and Booklets
• Client File Reviews
• Writing my Book
• Public Speaking Marketing
• Preparing my Power Point for next week’s presentation for Canada Life
• Preparing to be away from February 10th – 15th in Toronto to enable me to work with Clients and Speaking in Toronto for Canada Life
• Write February’s E-Newsletter now as Laura and I will be away from February 17th – 28th
• Oh yeah, I almost forgot the Web Site Upgrade and the Streaming Video Upgrade