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Invitation To Self Discovery during Self Isolating, Shelter In Place, Stay At Home

I am here to take you through a guided practice called the Self Discovery Practice for oneness during these times of Self Isolating, Shelter In Place or Stay At Home during COVID19.

Let’s imagine that you want to have a conversation with me because you want liberation from all that is limiting you.

You have been searching for sustainable success that will not leave you.

You have been searching for consistency, focus, vision and fulfillment along with happiness and joy, that does not leave you.

For a long time you have been searching for something that goes beyond unsustainable highs and unsustainable lows, from valueless worldly desires, needs and wants.

You want to go to a level, and remain there.

So you email me to schedule a call to talk about sustainable inspiration and success.

I reply I am happy to talk with you, but before we have a conversation I say; please leave your person outside and everything that it contains.

I just want to talk to you, your true self. What I mean by true self is your all-encompassing being, heart, self and soul – all are the oneness.

Not the person, beyond the mortal parts including your amygdala, body, brain, ego, mind and person.

Not the person that is a container that makes up the imagined and unsustainable.

By person I mean your inventory of past memories, the present clutter of coulds and shoulds and your imagined future.

Let’s have our meeting be right here, right now.

Just empty your person of all projects, tasks or todos for the moment and be here in this meeting right now.

Just let go off all your personal ideas, for this moment, right here, right now.

Be willing to be totally empty of all your bytes of information, both good ideas and bad ideas.

Let the contagion of this current infodemic / pandemic go, and be here in this space with me now.

Allow your self to create the space for this meeting, right here, right now.

Let go of all the personal ideas that you have.

Be with me here, right now.

Many of us live in a constant state of looking for one idea after the other.

Many try all kinds of personal development ideas that turn out to be unsustainable.

The reason ideas are unsustainable is because of an absence of self. The absence of self causes us to try to re-invent or upgrade the amygdala, body, brain, ego, mind or person with one idea after another, only to recreate unsustainable highs and lows.

Once again, please leave the container of the person and all that it contains outside of this conversation.

Your personal container will be waiting for you outside when we are finished with this brief practice.

Empty your person of all desires, needs and wants for the future in your business or personal world.

Leave everything outside related to associations, business, entertainment, environment, family, friends, health, hobbies … leave it all outside of this conversation.

Leave it all including your amygdala, attitudes, beliefs, body, brain, defenses, desires, doubts, ego, emotions, feelings, ideas, identity, imagination, judgements, memories, mind, perceptions, projections, stories, thoughts, all of it, including the world.

And just leave them for now, leave them all outside so that we can have this conversation to fulfill your highest quest or venture.

When we’re finished with this practice, which won’t take very long, you can go back and pick up your personal container of stuff that you had before.

Please don’t be concerned. The person is a great container and all these attitudes, beliefs, doubts, emotions, imaginings and projections will be there, waiting, waiting to contaminate you at any time. You can pick these back up at any time.

So right now, you’re simply going to enter, and leave all your news, your stories, your megabytes of information and judgments – leave it.

Do you feel that you can do this for a moment or two?

When you’ve decided that you can leave the container of the person and all of its contagions, close the book to the mortal parts of your amygdala, body, brain, ego, mind and person.

Enter your true self, your all-encompassing being, heart, self and soul – all are the oneness.

In this spaciousness that you have entered, is your true self.

Your true self, is right here, right now.

I will not be giving you any new ideas, there is nothing new, there is only now.

Your person might be saying; What’s next? What else are we going to do?

There is no next, what or do.

There is only now.

Now is just as it is.

You are here.

You are discovering, experiencing and realizing spaciousness.

Spaciousness from never ending doing and thinking.

There is only now.

There is only the oneness.

Oneness is beyond the mortal parts of the amygdala, body, brain, ego, mind and person.

Oneness is the realization of the all-encompassing being, heart, self and soul – all are the oneness.

Oneness is beyond mindfulness as the amygdala, body, brain, doing, ego, mind and person, all that is personal, are too full of valueless worldly desires, needs and wants.

Empty, empty, empty the person of all valueless worldly desires, doings, needs and wants.

Empty, empty, empty the person to confirm, to be in communion, to realize the spaciousness, the oneness of all that is.

Just remain empty.

Be disciplined with your self, don’t fill your amygdala, body, brain, ego, mind and person.

Your person is already full.

Your person is not a container of valueless worldly desires, doings, needs and wants.

Empty, empty, empty.

Will you accept this invitation?

Janea Dieno
Janea Dieno
Bright Rock Financial, Saskatoon SK
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"After I get off of the phone call with Simon, I feel like I have my superwoman cape on, and I can do anything. It is very hard when you are an independent advisor, to find a mentor or a coach to help guide you through certain steps of your growth. Someone who can genuinely get to know you and your business, while helping you to not get caught up in your own head. To be in your corner to help you through the everyday challenges of the industry. Simon has been this coach for me. When I started with Simon, I was worried about where my business was going to go and taking it to the next level, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about shaping and coaching the team. Now, not only has Simon empowered me to have my superwoman cape on for my business but I can also go back and use the tools I learned to coach my team and to create more cohesiveness with them. Thank you, Simon, for being in my corner and guiding me to take my business to places I would not have done on my own."
Perry Green
Perry Green
Waddell And Associates, LLC, Memphis TN
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" The best part about my work with Simon is that the assignments and practices he holds me accountable to do, as well as the one on one coaching call recordings that are given to me after the calls, stay with me day in and day out. Each time I review them I receive another nugget to apply to my current progress. With these resources on my desk, I can review them every so often and quickly understand where I need to adjust to continue to my next level of success. Although all the new skills I am learning will take time to make into a habit, the resources and coaching helps make perfect practice. Having a coach in my corner that has helped me apply the knowledge I already have of things I should be doing, but was not consistently, will help to yield some pretty big results."