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Investors Group Island Pacific Spring Meeting

Thursday’s financial advisor speaking presentation on How To Thrive A Recession at the Investors Group Island Pacific Spring Meeting in Nanaimo was a dream.

A dream in that I went to bed in my own bed the night before at a decent hour and woke up with over eight hours sleep, did my morning practice and routine, had breakfast and drove thirty minutes in light traffic to speak with time to spare.  This is versus getting on a plane two days in advance and tolerating airport and hotel food to acclimatize to the time zone when I fly east.  Better not write too much about this as Laura and I are flying to St. John’s NFLD on Wednesday, May 20th as I am speaking at the Advocis Newfoundland 56th Annual Sales Congress on May 22nd. It is all good and even better because Laura is travelling with me on this trip.

I arrived early to sit in on the entire morning Investors Group Island Pacific Spring Meeting which was hosted by Brian Prochnicki, the Regional Director for Investors Group – Nanaimo. Brian did an excellent job of recognizing the top producers, seasoned veterans and new advisors alike and I really appreciated what it must feel like to be a part of a large team and organization. Brian added value to the event by presenting a segment called Concept Idol where Investors Group Financial Planners that included Patti Bergstrom, Fred Kolodrubsky and Robert Gross offered insightful and experienced based 10 minute presentations on business building, financial planning and marketing to the rest of the team. Mike Godwin of Fidelity Investments followed with a very informative presentation called The Power Of Two. I was the closing speaking and after that the Investors Group team went for lunch followed by an Investors Group version of The Amazing Race in and around Nanaimo. A fun day and a team building experience for all.

Thanks you so much to Tiffany Nelson for one of the best financial advisor speaking presentation testimonials that I have ever received;

“Simon hails from a perspective of experienced-based understanding of the real-life challenges faced by all entrepreneurs who reach their potential! He offers practical guidance on “how to” implement all the theory translating the ideas into meaningful action”.

Tiffany Nelson
Investors Group Financial Services