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Intention & Affirmation

Today is about adding value.

Today is about being awake.

Today is not about investing yesterday in;

– Waking up at 5am PDT to prepare to leave at 9am PDT for a flight to London, Ontario
– Catching an 11am PDT flight to Calgary
– Waiting in the Calgary airport to catch a 4:30pm CDT flight to London
– Catching a 4:30pm CDT flight to London
– Arriving in London at 10:30pm EDT
– Reviewing our Marketing, Products & Services along the way
– Writing an article on “Being Called Sir” along the way
– Planning my week along the way

Today isn’t even about the very cool and very thought provoking quote that I came up with;

“The dysfunctional ego mind is like a cancer. Most people invest all of the their time in the administration of the ailments than doing whatever it takes to create a cure” – Simon Reilly

Today is about adding value to the audience that I am going to be speaking to a 4pm EDT in London.

Today is about;

– The audience of beings
– Vision
– Values
– Positive beliefs
– Positive feelings
– A cure
– Being all that I can be
– Being awake
– Doing outstanding work
– Focus
– Happiness
– Humor
– Joy
– Peace
– Science
– Systems
– Waking people up

“I now command my functional subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people as possible today to better their life and business, by giving me the strength, the feelings, the purpose, the humor, the certainty, what ever it takes, to inspire the audience to sign up for my free e-newsletter and to request me to contact them to invest in my products and services so that they can experience all of the benefits that they truly desire and deserve. I will do whatever it takes to assist them to move forward in a positive direction to make a decision to be all that they can be”.