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Independent Financial Brokers Summit Testimonials October 23 & 24, 2007

“Good inspiring presenter with a great message.”

“You talk about the truth about success and succeeding in this business, what a great positive speech.”

“Loved your insight.”

“The frankness of your presentation – very direct – very good.”

“Your material is fresh and real. It was well worth the drive to hear you speak!”

“Your presentation is fabulous, and is so audience-centric, you really had us engaged. You offer a new view and perspective on this business, thank you.”

“Great message and your enthusiasm is infectious.”

“Delivery is so powerful, your message is awakening and easy to understand. I’m hungry for more and I look forward to speaking with you.”

“You are energized, passionate and so charismatic.”

“Many great ideas to invest in your business, it was the kick in the butt I needed to re-plan and get going again.”

“I loved everything about your presentation – it has changed my business perspective. Thank you.”

“The connection you make between our values and unmet needs and the interrelationship with my effectiveness as a financial planner and business owner was most insightful.”

“You were loud, clear and awesome. Great presentation, I learned a lot.”

“You opened up my mind to be more passionate about my business, and you helped me identify the roadblocks I’m facing in my own business.”

“Great practical material.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to receive a bit of coaching to improve my business and my life.”

“Your enthusiasm is infections.”

“Really loved your energy, the practical advice, the stories you told and the reality of what you are saying. Thanks for the confirmation that I’m doing things right, but that I can still improve in some areas.”

“Thought provoking and extremely informative. Really enjoyed your presentation because it was different, and your so enthusiastic about this industry.”

“You gave a correct perspective about how business is to be conducted in the financial industry. Your material is very comprehensive.”

“It forces you to self examine. Thanks for the new perspective on my business.”

“You offer clear guidelines on how to grow your business.”

“Loved your energy and your confidence.”

“Thanks for the reality check and the strong ideas.”

“I learned something new.”

“Great examples used when you explain the information you are presenting. Your energy is outstanding. Great job!”