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In The Words Of A Business Guru

A great day with excellent coaching calls along with the opportunity to speak with Rick Kelly of Investment Planning Counselâ„¢ who is the Advocis Chapter President for Advocis Thunder Bay, ON.

I am presenting Removing Your Roadblocks To Success to their Advocis North Western Ontario Chapter, October 19th in Thunder Bay, ON.

In order to familiarize myself with the issues that are going on in the region, I always take the time to interview the Advocis Chapter President so that I can make my presentation as personalized as possible.

Rick gave me an excellent understanding of what the financial advisors are experiencing within the region. One of the issues that we touched on was that financial advisors are aging and that little is being done to bring younger financial advisor advisors into the industry.

We discussed that if it is going to be, it will be up to the individual advisors as it doesn’t seem that likely coming from corporate.

In order to deal with bringing new people into the business and succession planning will be through the art of mentoring.

To a degree, this dovetails into Monday’s Globe & Mail – Report On Business article featuring …

Malcolm Gadwell, the bestselling author of Blink and The Tipping Point.

The short-term goal is, we have to convince people to stay longer, that 65 is unrealistic given what we’re up against. We have to recognize as a society that 65 is an unrealistic retirement age and we have to find ways to get people to work longer.

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