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In The Footsteps Of Thomas Leonard


The late Thomas Leonard was the founder of Coach U / Coach University and an absolute genius. I enrolled in Coach U in early 1995 and had my orientation call with Thomas which was possible in those days as they had fewer than 500 students.

The lower enrollment created the opportunity to be on Coach U Curriculum Training Calls when Thomas was the facilitator which also included being on The Irresistible Attraction Program and The Million Dollar Coach calls that Thomas facilitated.

In 1996, Thomas and I were featured on The CTV National News along with just about every mayor city newspaper right across Canada.

Wednesday was a Buffer Day and a clean up day as I am still getting on my feet after getting rid of airplane flue and in the words of Thomas Leonard, “if you want to attract clients into your business, clean up your office”.

So today included a rigorous review of the following computer files/softwares, hard files and office items that have been created since Laura and I got back from Maui in late February;

• E-Mails
• Files
• Journal Notes
• Maximizer
• Microsoft Excel & Word Documents
• Mind Genius

All of this helps to get back on track with one’s vision, projects, budget, 90 day goals, actions and schedule.

The main this to remember is the SMART goal setting process so that everything doesn’t turn into a priority;

• Specific
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Realistic
• Timely

It’s call running your business versus the business running you.

Thursday brings a live one on one client planning day in Vancouver, Friday brings a speaking presentation for The Independent Financial Brokers in Vancouver and Saturday brings a live one on one client planning day in Kelowna and I will be home on Saturday night.