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In the absence of

I felt a huge amount of space again on Monday.

On Sunday evening I wrote down a short list of First Thing In The Morning Tasks that I plan to either get done or take action on this week.

I call them First Thing In The Morning Tasks because for me, they are my most challenging tasks and I do them when I have the most energy and that is first thing in the morning.

My list is;

* Write Blog
* Write E-Newsletter
* Edit TV Commercial
* Edit Web Site Articles
* Edit Testimonials
* Research, Read & Write Articles relating to the Financial Services Industry
* Read & Train Myself about E-Marketing

I then block out my time to complete the major tasks including follow up on client and team calls, e-mails and scheduling.

The day went incredibly well with the completion of two e-newsletters, the blog, TV commercial edits and web site article edits and I could go on.

It is amazing what one can get done with a clear mind and a clear plan.

I ran across another quote from Thomas Leonard that relates to “in the absence of”.

“Put every task, project or idea – on paper or in the computer – (It) is a waste of brain power to try to remember everything.”