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In the absence of adrenaline

I woke up on Tuesday feeling that something was up. I was in a funk. The feeling started on Monday evening. And I could not place it.

So for me, I learned a long time ago, not to deny my feelings.

I started to write down my feelings – ungrounded, unclear, and foggy – in the absence of – what?

And then it hit me or rather what my ego must be feeling right now.

Back in September 2004 I vowed to do whatever it took to publish a web site having attempted a number of times in the past without success. The web site has many outcomes and a significant was to automate the marketing process to eliminate the ups and downs of the marketing process.

The past six months have been a very busy time focusing on the web with very little marketing.

So my ego has three things that it is amiss with “the absence of”; the adrenaline the web site provided, the anticlimactic feeling that the web is now done & the marketing now has to be initiated to market the web site and a new way of marketing has to be learned altogether.

The main point is that the minute that I got in touch with how my ego was feeling, it all became clear to me and my energy instantly returned.

What to do? Hire the best e-marketing public speaking coach that I can find.

Ah! I am now in the absence of what my ego was feeling and I have my “sense” back.