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In Slowing Down We’re Doing Less; We’re Doing More


A late start Monday “on purpose” as I invested the majority of last week in the one on one live planning sessions with some of my very best clients and I didn’t get home until 9pm on Saturday evening so I extended my weekend into Monday morning.

I’ve just started reading Marianne Williamson’s newest book called “The Age Of Miracles” and the comments on the back cover resonate and relate to where the main focus seemed to go with last week’s one on one live planning sessions.

While I laid out a “menu” on both the business and personal side of the one on one live planning sessions that look like the following, the majority of the focus of the work always went back to the personal work to sustain the work on the business.


• 90 day review 1st quarter,
• Vision
• Financial review
• ID projects, actions, delegation
• Time management / schedule projects, actions
• 90 day goals 2nd quarter


• Clearing limiting unmet needs, beliefs and emotions
• Meditation
• Values
• Feelings
• Giving thanks
• Affirmations
• Attraction

“The highest most creative work is the work of consciousness, then in slowing down we’re doing less; we’re doing more.” – Marianne Williamson